A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words…

For a massage therapist it could be worth $1,000...

Take your practice into the 21st century using All Star Education & Training’s newest innovation:  

Digital Postural Analysis Program

Landmark specific locations, take photos of your client, then show your clients their posture and discuss how you as a therapist will assist them!


Postural Digital Analysis Program

Landmark on your client the following:

  • Display and address posture discrepancies
  • 6 Full pages of reports, 5 picture pages
  • Display Front, back, & side view in photos
  • Display graph view with measurements
  • Shoulder, hip, knee heights and comparisons in all 4 views
  • Details actual posture, and compares to perfect posture position using colored lines
  • based on the client’s own body!
  • Easy to follow prompts while using the program

Digital Posture Analysis Program

Teaming Touch and Technology

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March 2007

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