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I like it very much, I see the value and I would buy!" - Denise R, Seattle

"The software is great and user friendly. I have already made my decision to purchase it."- Ahmed, Washington DC

Teaming Touch and Technology…

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words…

Use those pictures to help you help your massage clients using the

Postural Digital Analysis Program

Landmark specific locations on your client, take photos of your client, use the Digital Analysis Program, then show your clients their posture and discuss how you as a therapist will assist them!
Here is what you will see as a result!

report page 1 report page 2

  • Display and address posture discrepancies
  • 6 Full pages of reports, 5 picture pages
  • Display Front, back, & side view in photos
  • Display graph view with measurements
  • Shoulder, hip, knee heights and comparisons in all 4 views
  • Details actual posture, and compares to perfect posture position using colored lines
  • based on the client’s own body!
Easy to follow prompts while using the program


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March 2007

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