What people are saying about the Posture Program:

I like it very much, I see the value and I would buy!" - Denise R, Seattle

"The software is great and user friendly. I have already made my decision to purchase it."- Ahmed, Washington DC

Buying is easy...

Posture Analysis is sold and distributed through Fidlersoft. During your sale you will be directed to their site.

1. Download the program from our download site: 6.53MB approx. 2 mins. over a broadband connection.

2. Purchase a licence from our shop or contact us if you have special requirements.

3. Your purchase code will be sent to you via e-mail. Be sure to give a valid e-mail address during when buying!

4. Type the code into the Posture Analysis program when prompted

Were here to support you...

Customer support is provided through the Fidlersoft site. www.fidlersoft.com/support

System Requirements...

Your Camera:

Has the ability to take photos!

Your Computer:
It is best to run this program with your screen resolution set at 1024 X 768 pixels to ensure the program fits properly onto your computer screen
To Change the screen resolution:

  • Go to Start Menu
  • Then go to Control Panel                       
  • Then go to Appearance and Themes
  • Choose "Change Screen Resolution Options"
  • Change Screen Resolution to 1024 X 768

Good News for Trial Users

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Subscriber News

Introductory offer for subsribers: Use your coupon during April for discounts at our on-line store

March 2007

Posture analysis software relaunched. The software and site are now powered by Fidlersoft.

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